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Who Stole Your Happiness? Book1

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Product Name: Who Stole Your Happiness? Book1
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Who Stole Your Happiness? Book1

Blurb on Who Stole Your Happiness?

-And how you can reclaim your rightful ownership

The great Greek Philosopher onces said that , “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence”

This jointly written book on happiness is a fusion of the East (Dr.YKK) and West (Tom Ware).
This book is specifically designed for you to pause and ponder. Pause and ponder what? On how you can reclaim your ownership to what is rightfully yours – happiness. You’ll notice that every title and subtitle asks you a question. Do pause and ponder. We cannot make you happy. We can only help you to evoke responses already within you. Those responses will more readily surface if you take your time…reflect…think back…allow the intuitive response. The so-called, “ah-ha,” or “eureka” moment.